Letters From Tonia

The holidays are quickly approaching

Dear Bethany Family,

We are three months into the school year and the holidays are quickly approaching; my how the time flies.

Your children continue to amaze me. They have grit and determination. Most students arrive to campus with a great disposition and are ready to learn – Preschool through 8th grade. The staff continues to stretch them and hold every student accountable both academically and Spiritually. I pray that our leaders of the future with solutions for tomorrow are all right here at Bethany School! We are a Future Focused campus.

Let me begin by thanking you in advance for your support as I address the following items below;

2020 Election

We had campaigns, posters were made, and speeches were given Bethany 2020. Our students made their voices heard by casting their votes on Election Day. Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Bethany School Student Council.  Taylor Koet is our new school President and she is leading the way!

Annual Fundraiser

The annual Color Run fundraiser is completed. “Thank You” to Mrs. Lauren Whygle and her Team. What a terrific job. Thank you to those who were able to give and those who were not. Every student will benefit from the donations given and we are grateful. Updates on the total amount raised along with prize distributions will be held December 11th.

Preschool Program

Next Friday, November 20th beginning at 9:30am is the annual Preschool Thanksgiving Program. It will be socially distance and held outside on the elementary black top. We are admitting only two adults per enrolled Preschool student. All guests will be screened, temperature checked and a mask must be worn to enter.

Grab A Gram!

A big “Thank You!”, to Mrs. Edna Beck and Mrs. Dana Stewart for distributing the Pumpkin Grams in pumpkin attire. Turkey Grams are now available for a limited time only ($1.00). Students and staff LOVE receiving these grams (and so do I). Next up, Christmas Grams.

WE Are OUR Village

Speaking of the holidays, we as a school community must continue to do our part to keep our campus healthy, safe, and virus free. Your child’s teachers are cleaning and spraying throughout the day. Every effort is being made to keep the children socially distanced. Hand washing and hand sanitization is a Bethany way of life.

Out of an abundance of caution for Bethany School, my staff and I ask that you do your part to implement safe healthy practices during this holiday and upcoming flu season. We want every student to return to campus healthy and ready to learn. It is a privilege and an honor to be open and have your child here.

I kindly ask that you use wisdom and discretion during your time away from school.

11/23rd – 27th    Thanksgiving break

12/21st – 1/1st   Christmas break

Be blessed and be safe!


Mrs. Tonia Z. Hill, Principal

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