About Us
Our Mission & Vision

First and foremost, Bethany School is a direct ministry of Bethany Church, our parent organization. Bethany School is fully accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). Our school has a friendly working relationship with the Long Beach Unified School District and other private and public schools in the area. A number of our staff also hold memberships in various professional organizations and take part in regular research-based professional development courses. In addition, we work with the non-profit organization Opportunity Schools in order to provide special education resources for students with unique learning needs.

Mission of Bethany School

Bethany School is a diverse Christ-centered community, where students (and families) will... Connect in relationship with God, the church, and others Grow spiritually, understanding God’s Word, and Grow academically, understanding their part in the world He created Go from here spiritually and academically transformed, ready to impact the world for Him.

Vision of Bethany School

We desire to glorify God and see students transformed into well-educated disciples of Jesus, who BELIEVE, ACHIEVE and SUCCEED.

Statement of Faith

The mission of the school is to be a bridge to the church, all staff work toward the same mission and under the same Statement of Faith as Bethany Church.

We believe that the education process is God-ordained and directly given to the parents. The Christian school is simply an extension of the home and therefore it is vital for the home and school to work together.

The education process is used by the Holy Spirit to bring the student into fellowship with God, to develop a Christian mind set, and to train in godly living, so that he/she can fulfill God’s total purpose for his/her life. The student must develop a personal relationship with God. The student should grow spiritually, (I Cor. 2:14-16), mentally (Dan. 1:3-4; Phil 4:7-9), physically (Gen.. 1:26-29; I Cor. 6:13-20), and socially (Romans 12:17-21). The students must view all truth as God’s truth and integrate and interpret everything from a Biblical perspective. We believe Christian education equips students with skills and knowledge that culminates in practical life applications (wisdom). We strive to give an education that is spiritually, morally, and academically excellent. 

Future Focused Education​

Preparing and empowering students to believe in Christ, achieve academic excellence, and succeed in knowing their purpose in life.

Spark Interest

A broad exposure to interests and careers.

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion”

Philippians 1:6

Ignite a Fire Within

Building strategies to develop personal skills.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.”

Romans 12:6a

Launch Into the Future

Enabling students to plot a course for their future.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3


Expected Student Learning Results


  • Know and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Memorize and apply scripture to their daily lives
  • View themselves and the world through the lens of a biblical worldview
  • Demonstrate a life that is being transformed, in words and actions, by the Gospel


  • Core academic skills and standards
  • Communication skills through speaking, listening, writing, group collaboration, as well as performing/creative arts
  • Critical Thinking skills by working to creatively solve real world problems, both in and outside of the classroom
  • Computer/Technology Skills as authentic, integrated tools for academic growth, communication, and critical thinking


  • Pursuing a life of learning, even beyond the classroom
  • Participating in the mission of sharing the Gospel with others
  • Practicing a life of service and leadership
  • Becoming responsible citizens marked by integrity and a strong work ethic

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