Letters From Tonia

School is About to Begin

Hello Bethany Family,

I trust you and your family are in great health and are doing well this season. My staff and I are thankful you have made Bethany your school of choice. Your continued partnership with us is invaluable. We pray for each family daily.

School is rapidly approaching and with much anticipation my staff and I look forward to meeting the specific needs of every student. September 10, 2020 is the first day of school. The goal of our staff is to meet the needs of targeted students with in person instruction, to provide support for our distance learners, and to provide extended daycare for essential working parents.

Bethany’s Distance Learning is purposefully returning this fall with Mrs. Amber Francis as the Educator of this program. She is partnering with teachers, Zooming with students and providing individualized instruction as needed.

Continuing this fall is our Opportunity program led by Mrs. Kristen Huff. Mrs. Huff will partner with teachers providing valuable resources to meet the needs of students with IEP’s as well as students identified needing assistance with learning. At Bethany our goal is to meet the high learning needs of every student. Finally we have our K-Middle School staff ready to meet the academic rigors of targeted students and give support to our families.

This year is unique and many accommodations have been made to comply with the revised public health care orders. We are a COVID-19 compliant campus and as such will follow the cohort guidelines required.

KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS: You will receive an email from the kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Holley and Mrs. Mills, about a special Kindergarten Preview Day to be held Wednesday at 4pm. Check MYSCHOOLWORX for more information.

Below is what you can anticipate the first few days of school.

There is no daycare the first two days of school.

Thursday: All students are able to arrive at 8am. All students must be picked up by 2pm.

Friday: All students are able to arrive by 8am and must be picked up by 3:30pm.

Parents please make sure to add additional names to your child’s pick-up form in order for your child to be released. In addition, please have your ID ready at pick up time, for the first several weeks of school.


8-8:25am Morning Drop Off (back East side of campus).

While keeping social distance, Parents will walk their child to the gate and form a line to have their child’s temperature taken. All students must be cleared with a temperature of 100.3 or lower to enter. Upon entering campus each student will receive hand sanitizer, a nametag, and will be directed to walk to their teacher’s pop up tent. Students will leave with their teacher and/or aide by 8:15pm and head to class.

Students on campus will remain in cohorts during the day as well as remain on a staggered break/lunch schedule.

Classroom desks, play equipment, playground, and lunch tables/benches will be sprayed after every use.

Bethany School requires all employees to wear masks on campus. All parents dropping children off or wanting to come into the main office must wear a mask. Enrolled students are required to wear masks on campus, disposable masks will be available for students. Masks are not required to be worn during P.E., playing outside, or lunch. If your child cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons, you are required to bring in a note signed and stamped by your child’s pediatrician explaining why. It will be placed confidentially in your child’s file.

If you attended the Mandatory Orientation this past August please keep in mind that Bethany School is a closed campus. Only Bethany employees and essential workers are allowed on campus. Also, make sure that your child has his/her lunch in a lunch box, supplies and any other necessities with them when they arrive to school in the morning. We do not have the luxury of running back and forth to classrooms during the day.

If you need to come by the front office you will be buzzed in as social distance permits, have your temperature taken and then you must sign in.

Parents it is your responsibility to check your child daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arriving to Bethany School. Below are the CDC’s signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (not all symptoms are indicative of COVID-19);

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Myalgia
  • Cough
  • Nasal congestion
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath; difficulty breathing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Poor eating

Your child’s teacher and I will communicate with you and keep you updated with events specifically in your child’s classroom as well as events school wide. It is imperative that you read your messages as well as alerts in MYSCHOOLWORX.

Thank you for making Bethany School your school of choice. My staff and I are praying for every student and their family. Will you commit to praying for our school? Will you commit to supporting our staff and administrators? You are our vested voices. We need you.


Mrs. Hill


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