Middle School
Middle School


Bethany Middle School is a place for students to believe, achieve, and succeed. Founded in 1947, Bethany is a diverse Christ-centered community where students connect in relationship with God, helping them to know who they are in Christ and be confident of a plan for their future.


Our Future Focused Program EMPOWERS middle school students to discover who they are in Christ and prepare for life in high school and beyond. Bethany students enjoy a dedicated middle school faculty who prayerfully work together to engage the whole student - mind, body, and soul. Bethany’s unique design allows for students to get a “big school” experience by taking classes with students in all grade levels, while maintaining the benefits of a close school community.

Future Focused

Students take the following tests: Multiple Intelligence, Spiritual Gifts, Career Assessment, and the Myers Brigg Personality Types to determine areas of career interest and evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses. Students will focus on opportunities to maximize their talents for future success through monthly guest speakers from diverse and respected fields. Bethany School is a “crossroads” leading directly to LBUSD Pathways, allowing students to explore aspects of various programs that they will experience in high school. 

Personal Growth

Bethany encourages personal growth in the following areas: Respect, Independence, Organization, Time Management, Public Speaking, Self-Discipline, Sportsmanship, and Positive Attitude. Middle School students are given opportunities to lead in Student Council, Classroom Mentors/Buddies, and teaching Chapel to their peers. Bethany students build lifelong friendships and grow in self-confidence and maturity while excelling academically, socially, and spiritually. Bethany students are emotionally and spiritually prepared for high school, and confident in who they are in Christ. 


Our unique and comprehensive program combines project based learning in core subjects with selective academic non-core courses. Students build sound skill sets via advanced curriculum, Socratic seminars, Stanford History Education Group, Model United Nations, and STEM labs. Multidisciplinary projects, theme based units, cross curricular symposia, integrated technology standards, and service based learning combine to prepare students for all of the Pathways available in LBUSD.


The strength of our Physical Education and athletic program is an Athletic Director who brings extensive experience from his collegiate years as an athlete and as an Assistant Coach at USC. Along with PE classes, Bethany students can participate in the following after school sports programs: Boys Flag Football, Boys & Girls Basketball, and Girls Volleyball. Bethany School is honored to participate in the Christian Athletic League.


As a Christian school, Bible is considered a core subject. Each Bible class teaches students to see that every facet of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation points to Christ’s story-line and God’s redemptive plan for humanity. Students learn Bible literacy, theology, church history, apologetics, and principles of Christian living. All other subjects are taught from a distinctly Christian worldview. It is important for Christians in today’s world to be able to understand what they believe and why, as well as how to engage with other worldviews and make a solid defense of Christianity. Weekly chapel services, as well as Bible Studies and Devotional times allow space for students to explore and deepen their own relationship with the Lord.


Bethany is a 1:1 Chromebook environment and a Common Sense Digitally Certified school. All students take a Digital Media Literacy course equipping them to become a good digital citizen who can understand, evaluate, and analyze digital information. We seek to make students producers, not just consumers of technology, by practicing skills such as typing, programming, and coding. With specific time in our tech lab, as well as by using technology in all core subjects, students master the soft skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity with technology knowing that future job fields will depend on these skills.

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