Letters From Tonia

An Update About Christmas Programs

Dear Parents, 

As the weather changes, so do plans for both Preschool and K-8 Christmas musicals. The forecast shows inclement cooler weather along with possible rain next week. Both performances will be held inside the church. Please read the recommendation excerpt from the Health Order For Control of Covid-19 from the Long Beach Health & Human Services below;

“Clarifies that individuals engaged in performing arts, such as musical or theatrical performances, may perform for an audience without a face mask.  This exception is limited to the period of time in which such tasks are actually being performed.” 


Preschool students will remain in their cohort when performing onstage. They will be spaced apart and there will be ventilation in the church. If you would like your child to wear a mask while performing, please inform your child’s teacher prior to the performance.

All students will come back on stage to be dismissed. 


All students will wear masks while on stage except for the lead cast. Again, please reference the ‘Order’ above. If your child is a Lead and you would like for him/her to wear their mask the entire performance, please let your child’s teacher know prior to the performance.

Parking will be available in the church parking lot and on the elementary/middle school playground for both performances.  The gate for parking will open at 9:15am.  You will enter from the church parking lot.  When both performances have ended you will exit the parking lot at the Los Coyotes Blvd. exit of campus.

Lastly, our lost and found is growing daily.  Please come and check for lost items as all items will be donated on December 17th.When driving to drop your child off at school, please slow down in front of the preschool and at the round-a-bout on the back side of campus.  K-8 parents if you decide to park, you must walk your child to the drop off gate.  I want safety for all!

I look forward to wonderful performances next week as we give honor to God celebrating the fruition of our faith. The birth of our Lord and Savior.

God’s Blessings, 

Mrs. Tonia Hill


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