Since 1947

Founded in 1947, Bethany School is fully accredited by both ACSI and WASC (Association of Christian Schools International and Western Association of Schools and Colleges).  Our high-performing school offers a well-rounded Christian education, in small classes totaling approximately 400 preschool – 8th grade students of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.  Our small school size provides us with a true sense of family, affording us the opportunity to provide not only a well-rounded academic instruction, but also to teach children and their families about God, His Word, His son Jesus Christ, and about the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


  • Know and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Memorize and apply scripture to their daily lives
  • View themselves and the world through the lens of a biblical worldview
  • Demonstrate a life that is being transformed, in words and actions, by the Gospel


  • Core academic skills and standards
  • Communication skills through speaking, listening, writing, group collaboration, as well as performing/creative arts
  • Critical Thinking skills by working to creatively solve real world problems, both in and outside of the classroom
  • Computer/Technology Skills as authentic, integrated tools for academic growth, communication, and critical thinking


  • Pursuing a life of learning, even beyond the classroom
  • Participating in the mission of sharing the Gospel with others
  • Practicing a life of service and leadership
  • Becoming responsible citizens marked by integrity and a strong work ethic

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